Sleep Clinic Phone Message Reminds Callers to Dial 911 If Medical Emergency


New Caledonia, SD – Just this week, local sleep clinic “Doctor Zzzz’s” added a clear message to their voicemail system, reminding callers that if it is an emergency they should call 911.

“You just never know when that phone call is going to come through… somebody reaching out to the sleep clinic to get help in the midst of a crisis. We’ve gotta legally cover our backside in case that happens,” said clinic administrator Barbara Junden.

Patient Steve Blasioli, who called the clinic yesterday, says the message was helpful, but left him feeling a bit abandoned in his hour of need.

“It was confusing for me, ’cause when something goes wrong, I say to myself, ‘I gotta get a hold of that amazing sleep doctor’. Just last week, I cut my arm with a chain saw. Doctor Zzz’s was the first one I thought of!”

He says he lacks confidence that 911 will be able to address his concerns in an emergency the same way his trusted sleep doctor would.

“I don’t know, I just don’t know. Where is medicine going these days?” lamented Blasioli.

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