Dallas Cowboys Call Palliative Care Consult for Tony Romo

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ARLINGTON, TX – After another devastating physical setback for veteran quarterback Tony Romo, America’s Team has decided to take a new approach to medical care for its aging centerpiece. Romo, who suffered a compression fracture of his L1 vertebra in late August, has been the victim of numerous health-related challenges in recent seasons.

“Our current approach of simply obsessing about fixing every fracture that comes along is frankly not working, and Tony’s quality of life is really starting to suffer,” said long-time Cowboys orthopedist Howard Q. Jangler, who called the Palliative Care consult last week. “We need to stop worrying so much about x-rays and bone healing and begin to focus on managing his pain and trying to make each day the best day that it can be.”

Palliative Care, which according to the World Health Organization “is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and families facing the challenges associated with illness,” is a growing movement in modern medicine.

Romo, who was initially skeptical about the idea of “palliative care,” has now embraced this kinder, gentler take on his sports medicine needs.

“I thought Palliative Care was the same as hospice, but now I know it’s not. It’s about treating the whole person!” states Romo. “No one was talking about my pain before… only whether I could play or not. Now, I’ve got a whole team around me, managing my pain, my anxiety, and my ability to get around and live my life. Heck, they’re even paying attention to my spiritual distress — which has been pretty severe since I found out I couldn’t play this season… Last week I had a real existential crisis brewing!”

Some fans have argued that moving Tony Romo toward Palliative Care means that he’s “giving up,” but Romo says nothing could be further from the truth.

“We’re not giving up. No way! It’s just changing strategies,” explains Romo.

“We’re just trying to make the most of however much time we have left with Tony,” said Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett. “Hopefully, he’ll get back on the field soon, but either way Palliative Care has definitely been a game-changer.”



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