Hospital Chaplain has Gall to Use Code Blue Ring as Personal Pager Tone


CALEDONIA, ND – Disgust drenched the halls of UEND medical center early this week when various staff members learned that newly-arrived hospital chaplain, Prudence Thackering, MDiv, had the audacity to select the hospital’s “code blue” ring-tone as her own personal pager ring.

“I just liked the way it sounded,” said Thackering.

“She just what..!?” said second-year medicine resident Julie Brinner, when she heard Thackering’s response. “What kind of sick person likes that sound?!”

Members of the hospital staff are already expressing doubt about her ability to carry out the duties of a chaplain with such obvious poor judgment.

“Every time it goes off my heart explodes. That’s not supportive spiritual presence if you ask me!” said fourth year surgical resident, Kimberly Udlemeyer.

At press time, Thackering was seen exploring other pager tones in the hospital’s Cardiology unit.


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