Doctor’s Little Tantrums Really Starting to Transform Hospital Culture


Original photo by Carlos Paes

Caledonia, ND – It’s been four years since staff hospitalist, Yudwar Pheshmeyni started his noble campaign to change UEND Medical Center. He began with an angry outburst on the 4th flour, directed at the hospital’s electronic medical record system, which has been known to occasionally freeze during the entry of admission orders. As he shouted alone in the hallway that day, he realized, that he – one man – had the power to express his thoughts loudly through words. He knew that if he just spoke loudly enough and passionately enough, the hospital would hear, and things would change. After the epiphany of that late summer afternoon, he’s gone on to pour his heartfelt rants out on everything from dysfunctional computer keyboards to high level administrators who seem to care more about money than patients.

In his wrinkled white lab-coat, Dr. Pheshmeyni is a fearless crusader – bravely prepared to offer his passion and critique on any person or policy in the hospital. After all these years, it seems people are finally starting to notice.

Just last week, the hospital’s executive Vice President, Jim Mcilhiny, passed Pheshmeyni in the hallway as he was loudly decrying the way that hospital bureaucrats push him to discharge patients before he is ready.

Mcilhiny noticed.

“Did you hear that guy? Some doctor or something… no idea what he was talking about,” said Mcilhiny as he strode back to the office for another meeting.

In response to Pheshmeyni’s scathing critiques of the hospital’s culture of greed and inhumanity, the small army of business people who steer the ship at UENDMC are finally listening.

“If doctors have a problem with things, I guess we can put a comment box out there or something,” said Mcilhiny. “People need to understand that medicine is a business; it would be a lot easier for those of us steering the ship if the workers out there on the assembly lines just kept their heads down and cranked the product out the door.”

2 thoughts on “Doctor’s Little Tantrums Really Starting to Transform Hospital Culture

  1. Bold, impassioned hospital administrators like Mcilhiny need to keep doctors in their place and out of the way of medical progress.
    Believe it or not, some of the doctors in the hospital where I work still strut around the place acting like physicians. These dinosaurs need to chuck their silly and outmoded obsession with patient care and get down to business.

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