U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommends Against Screening Women for Prostate Cancer


WASHINGTON, DC – After recent ambiguous and controversial guidelines on breast cancer screening led to an angry outcry from the general public, the USPSTF has stepped back and decided to offer at least one firm and unequivocal stance on screening women for cancer. They agreed that most women should not be screened for prostate cancer (Level A recommendation).

“People were really upset about our vague approach to breast cancer screening for women ages 40-49. We basically said there was insufficient evidence to support routine screening in this population and women who weren’t worried about the potential harms could go for a mammogram if the mood hit them,” said Margaret Wishywash, MD, head of the USPSTF’s panel.

“Well, people were all in a kerfuffle about that, saying that insurance wouldn’t pay for their mammograms and such…”

So the USPSTF took matters back into their hands to try to restore trust and confidence in their a ability to provide clear guidance to the American public.

“We convened, and after several days of discussion and argument, we agreed that women should not be screened for prostate cancer. We’ve reviewed all the data and this is a firm, solid, “Level A” recommendation.”

However, the committee did add that transgender individuals or women who had a high level of fear about the possibility of prostatic malignancy should be counseled by their primary physician and could undergo the test after a thorough discussion of risks and benefits.

“We’re doing everything to remain at the forefront of public health guidance. This decision was not easy, but it is a step forward for the health of America,” said Dr. Wishywash.

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