Axe Body Spray “Just as Good as a Shower” Say 96% of 14 Year-Old Males


A new study in the Journal of Adolescent Hygiene finds that 96% of 14 year old males find Axe Body Spray usage equivalent, for both sanitary and aesthetic purposes, to the standard 10-minute shower.

Disagreement has raged in the field of adolescent hygiene for some time now, with many parents of 14 year-old males strongly opposed to replacement of the standard shower with scented spray or cologne.

“Geoff smells like a fresh mountain forest inside of a rotten shoe,” said father of 14 year-old Geoff Biggersby, who has been trying to get his son to take a shower for 3 days now.

“I don’t know why I need to shower,” explains Geoff. “I already put Axe body spray on my armpits and everywhere else.”

Geoff is not alone; 14 year-olds around the country who were surveyed agree: there is no medical or olfactory reason to take a shower after one has already applied scented body spray.

“I just throw my sweaty football pads in the locker after practice and spray some Axe. I don’t need to go through the whole locker-room shower thing. That’s disgusting.”

While these preliminary survey results are anything but conclusive, teens like Geoff will now know that they are not alone. Their male peers agree that no one can smell your body odor if you use enough Axe. A follow-up study to evaluate female olfactory perceptions of male Axe body spray usage in place of shower is planned for this fall. At press time, Geoff Biggersby has still not taken a shower.


3 thoughts on “Axe Body Spray “Just as Good as a Shower” Say 96% of 14 Year-Old Males

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