Local Teen Wishes Mom Would Be More Vocal During Pediatrics Visits


BOISE, IDAHO – Early this week, local teen Vanessa Jushters expressed her frustration to the Daily Medical Examiner that her mother isn’t taking a more active role in talking to the doctor during her annual pediatrics visits.

“Mom just sits there texting on her phone and doesn’t even act interested in sharing my progress through puberty. I was so glad last week when she finally brought up my acne and heavy menstrual periods. I’ve wanted that to be public knowledge – especially for my doctor and whatever medical student is with him – for some time now,” said Jushters.

But that glimmer of maternal effort is not enough for Vanessa, who’s really hoping to take better advantage of her visits to the pediatrician.

“I really want to spend some time exploring my feelings on drug experimentation and boys,” she said. “I wish she would bring up those things instead of just sitting there in awkward silence.”

And yet her mother remains stone-cold, tight-lipped, and solidly unhelpful – year after year allowing the appointments to be painfully brief and shallow.

“I wish she would, like, at least mention our big fight about getting my belly-button pierced. We gotta get that out there and talk about the pros and cons with a medical professional… but I guess it’ll just have to wait for next year.”

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