An Open Letter to the Manufacturers of the Fecal “DisImpactor”

From Nuvomed website:

From Nuvomed website: “The DisImpactor offers a compassionate approach for treating fecal impaction”

G.S. Stinswater

May 26, 2014

To the brilliant engineers who devised the DisImpactor:

I write to tell you “thank you” as I could not hold this story inside of me any longer.  I had to share my journey with the world.

It was an oppressive dusk in early fall. I felt alone – isolated and full-to-the-brim with foul despair.  I carried my overwhelming burden without a friend, without a whisper of relief. My spirit strained above still waters in silent agony.  At times I wondered: would there be any tomorrow?

In that bleak moment of suffocating tribulation, your product burst forth like a gleaming white beacon of hope. I needed a hand, but you gave me much more: you gave me the tools to reach deep inside of myself and bring out solid joy from the darkness that had become my soul.

I am writing because I want the world to know that it was your compassionate and probing ingenuity that saved me. You named your product the DisImpactor, but I assure you that this wonderful device has impacted me. This plastic wonder has the power to touch humanity in ways we will never forget.  You have my undying gratitude and admiration.

From that rejuvenated human expanse,

Gertrude S. Stinswater – Grasmere, Idaho

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