Disney’s “It’s a Small World” now features strong Pro-Vaccine message

The new attraction will feature preventable infectious disease from a rainbow of cultures and nations.

The new attraction will feature preventable infectious disease from a rainbow of cultures and nations.

Anaheim, CA – In an ingenious effort to combat a spate of bad publicity and promote public health after a high profile measles outbreak at one of its theme parks, Disney has re-tooled its iconic, “It’s a Small World” ride to feature a strong message about the benefits of vaccination.

“Instead of simply seeing joyful song from around the world, park guests will be treated to scenes of musical suffering; they will watch characters from a host of nations struggle with the scourge of preventable infectious illness,” said Disneyland Public Relations Coordinator, Christine Hugsfrenz.

Park guests will don isolation masks as they board, and the new ride is organized by disease rather than by continent.  Already, the attraction is drawing rave reviews from kids and parents alike.

“My favorite was Polio Land at the end of the ride.  I loved seeing people from so many different cultures singing while they tried to learn to walk again!!!” said ten year-old Ashley Lizsten who was visiting Disneyland with her grandparents.

“Smallpox Savannah was amazing and very memorable.  Who knew that a song about a disfiguring and potentially fatal virus could be so catchy?!” said Brenda Turringo, a mother of three from Colorado Springs.  “I think I might actually take my kids to a pediatrician when we get back home and ask her what she thinks about this whole vaccine thing.”

Disney has kept the tune of their original song, while modifying a few lyrics.  The ride opens in a showery glitter of infectious particles with the rousing stanza:

“It’s a world of suffering, a world of tears
It’s a world of pain and a world of fears
There’s diseases we share and it’s time we’re aware
It’s a small world after all”

The ride will remain open in its modified form through Summer 2016.  As always, the DME remains your faithful source for the latest in medical news.

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