Georgia Grandmother Prefers Not to Talk About Grandson Who is in Medical School

Original photo by Ginny Austin

Original photo by Ginny Austin

ATHENS, GA – 82 year-old Rose Thrister admitted late last week to other residents of the Forever Springtime Independent Retirement Community that she’d rather not talk about her high-acheiving grandson, Chistopher Thrister.

“I just can’t imagine that people want to hear me drone on about how handsome he turned out to be, or about how he’s going to be a Cardiologist some day.  I guess if people really pressed me, I might let them know that he was an Eagle Scout or that he has his father’s beautiful brown hair, but it’s really none of their business.”

Residents of Forever Springtime have, of course, been clamoring for additional details about last semester’s grades and that pretty young lady he’s started dating, but Grandma Rose has remained very tight-lipped about it all.

“I’m just not going to talk about how grown-up he looks in his white coat or the way his classmates elected him Class Vice President.  I’m just not going to do that.”

While other members of the close-knit retirement community can only wonder in silence about young Chris’ upcoming trip to Panama to screen jungle children for gluten sensitivity, Mrs. Thrister says, “They’ll just have to get used to not hearing about his work for the good of humanity.  That’s their problem not mine.”


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