Snubbed by Nobel Committee (Again)

Nobel Prize

SWITZERLAND – Many of you will lie awake this week wondering, along with our editorial staff, how still another year has passed for the DME without even a wink of recognition from the Nobel Prize Committee.  Our finely crafted prose, hard-hitting journalism, and well-known humanitarian efforts yet again seem to have missed the eyes of the committees for Literature, Physiology and Medicine, and Peace.  You ask, “What kind of world is this, where people who piddle around trying to keep the world safe from chemical weapons get all the attention?  …Where those who write medical satire are left to forge on in uncelebrated toil?!”

After all, in the past year, we have brought you touching stories about people who don’t have cancer, controversial coverage of the debate over Obamacare , and an inspiring approach to teaching young doctors to believe in themselves.

Much of the Nobel committee’s refusal to acknowledge our efforts may stem from several disparaging (but undeniably objective) comments that the 1876 August 27th edition of the Daily Medical Examiner made about Alfred Nobel’s girlfriend, Sofie.   [We will point out that our publication was not the first or the last to point out certain obvious abnormalities in her dentition and manner of dress; nonetheless, the petty Nobel grudge persists to this day, and the good people of the planet earth must suffer on – in ignorant silence of our work.]

Français : Le musée Nobel (Nobel Museet) à Sto...

Français : Le musée Nobel (Nobel Museet) à Stockholm (Suède) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We take comfort in knowing that there are many others like us whose work may not be commemorated but whose impact will never be forgotten.  Along with courageous teen heroine Malala Yousafzai and the genius who invented the iPotty, we can only continue our brave efforts for the good of humankind, knowing that ultimately it’s not recognition that matters.

-Editors, the DME

One thought on “Snubbed by Nobel Committee (Again)

  1. Dear DME,
    Maybe you’re in a league of your own? If so, may I humbly suggest that you start up your own nominations committee offering even more prestigious awards? You can legitimize everything if you just slap on some no-conflict-of-interest clause at the end.

    I’ve seen it pay off for pharmaceutical companies. Sincerely, HD

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