Health Hero: Montana Man Volunteers to Serve on “Death Panel”

GREYFISH, MT – While heated debate continues to boil regarding the recently upheld Affordable Care Act, one former opponent has chosen to embrace the new law.  From his home in rural Montana, Harry Wishington has just volunteered to serve his country’s healthcare needs in a way he thinks will fit his unique skill set.  His newfound interest is a significant change for him; he admits that when the new bill was first passed, he was perturbed about the prospect of “further interference of the U.S. Federal Government in daily life.”

“It’s just too much government meddling.  I’ve never had health insurance, and look at me…I’m doing just fine out here on my own,” he stated from the living room of his isolated cabin in the foothills.

Despite his initial ambivalence, after several days spent pondering the new laws, he realized that there might be a place for him in this system.

“I once heard there was a “death panel” in the new law to help decide when people had passed their prime and were using up too much healthcare money.  That sounded to me like something I could help with.”

Mr. Wishington responded to his epiphany by immediately filing an unsolicited application with the U.S. Federal Government to serve on the new “Death Panel.”  He says he mailed his application, a 36 page essay explaining his skills and qualifications, directly to the U.S. Congress late on Thursday and has not yet heard back.  Nonetheless, he is enthusiastic about the possibility of helping our nation with effective resource utilization and has already begun making a list of individuals who he says are “costing us more than they’re giving us.”  While he’s not ready to share his list with the public just yet, he notes that it is indeed quite extensive and that many people would be surprised to find themselves on his list.

Harry Wishington’s willingness to serve his country’s healthcare needs without being asked and without demanding to understand those needs is what makes him the Daily Medical Examiner’s first on-line Health Hero.


DISCLAIMER:  All stories, medical reports, news entries, and commentary are fictitious, created in the interest of humor.  They are the ripe and sometimes rotten fruit borne from the fecund imagination of the Daily Medical Examiner creative staff, and any actual relationship to events present or historical should be considered coincidental.  The DME uses invented names for people, businesses, and institutions in its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized.  Any other use of real names is coincidental.

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