Wisconsin Oncologist Caught in Attempt to Deliver Another Round

Photo by Aleksandra P.

KEWAUSHIN, WI – A local oncologist, whose name has not yet been released to the public, had to be escorted from the premises of the Autumn Pathways Hospice Center on Monday after he was caught in a patient’s room with three days worth of chemotherapeutic drugs stuffed inside of a large “get-well” bear.  Hospice nurses became suspicious when he claimed to be a relative of Martha Jackson, an 86 year-old patient living at the Autumn Pathways inpatient wing.

“People don’t generally bring “get well” bears to a hospice, so that was a red flag.  Then when he tried to say that he was a family member, it just started to get weird,” said Patty Brown-Shelting a veteran nurse at Autumn Pathways.

When nurses walked in on the oncologist’s visit with Mrs. Jackson, they found him extracting three IV infusion bags from within the toy bear.  Mrs. Jackson, who suffers from metastatic breast cancer and end-stage dementia, was not aware of his presence or his intent to give fifth line chemotherapy against her family’s wishes.  It appears that at the most recent clinic visit, he and the patient’s family had fallen into disagreement about goals of care.

Thanks to the nurses’ vigilance, no chemotherapy was administered.  However, the oncologist’s Wisconsin medical license has been suspended in the wake of allegations that he intended to violate a patient’s right to refuse medication; he may additionally face criminal charges as police gather evidence.  In a private statement, the oncologist maintains that he meant no harm and only wanted to give the patient a “chance to try something experimental.”


DISCLAIMER:  All stories, medical reports, news entries, and commentary are fictitious, created in the interest of humor.  They are the ripe and sometimes rotten fruit borne from the fecund imagination of the Daily Medical Examiner creative staff and any actual relationship to events present or historical should be considered coincidental.  The DME uses invented names for people, businesses, and institutions in its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized.  Any other use of real names is coincidental.

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