Dialysis Patient Admits He Wasn’t Taking Phosphate Binder

SPRINGMOUNTAIN, TX – Circulating allegations were confirmed last week when Mr. Jimmie Basthen of the Springmountain DaNephro hemodialysis center confessed to his Nephrologist that he actually has not been taking the 4 tabs of Calcium Acetate 3 times daily with meals prescribed by his nephrologist, Dr. Gented.   While initially angered and appalled by the news, Dr. Gented later reports that he “had had suspicions” when the patient’s serum phosphorous remained elevated despite multiple dose increases.  He notes that he was even about to switch the patient to an expensive brand-name alternative medication, but has since abandoned such plans.

While Dr. Gented may have been deceived into ignoring the signs of non-compliance before, suspicion has now been cast upon the patient’s adherence to his tabs of three times daily iron and vitamin C as well as his twice daily carvedilol, weekly ergocalciferol, and every 8 hour isosorbide and hydralazine.

“I can’t even be sure that he’s taking his once daily lisinopril, simvastatin, and aspirin anymore, much less his evening glargine injections and mealtime short-acting insulin,” opined Dr. Gented in a phone interview.   “I guess some patients just don’t want to take care of themselves…”

Jimmie Basthen, a veteran of two overseas military conflicts, remained unapologetic after his admission, querying “What the @#$% am I supposed to do?  All I do all day is take these stupid pills and that scrawny kid keeps changing my doses.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to be taking anymore.”  Shockingly, he notes, “Sometimes, I just grab a handful of whatever’s in the pill box and choke them down.”

While the news is troubling, Dr. Gented is convinced that this is an isolated occurrence and in no way correlates with general care of his dialysis patients.

“Mr. Basthen just needs to get his act together and start doing what I tell him to.  I mean, if he wants to go walking around with his serum phosphorous level of 8, well, that’s not my problem anymore.”


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